We took a break from writing this website for almost 3 years, we are back and will be adding more croft diary updates along with additional commentary.

Frozen cottage

The original croft house during our first winter.

For any “new” visitor, this website was initially created as a means of communicating with friends and family when we first moved to this part of the UK. We kept a detailed diary covering events, mishaps and problems we faced when we “quit the rat race”, left the city life down in England and tried our hand at the crofting life — otherwise referred to as “living the good life” — in the northern Highlands of Scotland. Not everything went as smoothly as we had hoped, though on reflection, this was to be expected.

At the time of last writing, we were faced with the prospect of losing both horses, Ruth was taking the last few modules of her Open University course and the size of the website was begining to overwhelm us.

We had written a huge amount, every “byte” of which was eating up the space we had available for the site on the server — bearing in mind the original site carried no advertising to help support those server costs, it would have proved costly to increase the amount of space available to keep adding more years.

Back issues might follow later.

We will be commencing the diary once again, at this moment in time there are no “back issues”, we are considering creating documents that could be downloaded should anyone be interested, again, that will take time to write and create.

During the ten years we have lived here, there have been times when we felt the rest of the world was becoming “alien” to us. Every visit to friends or family down in England often left us wondering if we didn't actually live on a different planet. Gradually we are noticing changes beginning to creep into our lives up here — increasing amounts of “red tape” that hinder progress, the arrival of large supermarket chains that result in the decline of town centers, increasing littering of the countryside, apparent reliance on “twitter or facebook” as communication methods — to name but a few. We will therefore be adding an observation section to the site to comment on other aspects that impact on our lives here.

We will re-instate the gallery and, at some point, add to it over the coming months with some of the more interesting images from the past 10 years.

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